I’ve been trying to pinpoint this feeling, trying to determine what has been eating away at me, slowly crushing me.  I constantly experience so many emotions, hurt, sadness, disappointment, embarrassment and stress, but anger is one that I have not allowed myself to feel for a very long time.  I convinced myself that I did not deserve to be angry, that I had done some pretty terrible things in my life so I had no right to ever get upset with anyone else.   Any bad thing that  ever happened to me I was able to tell myself that I brought it on myself and that I needed to be the bigger person.


But where has this mentality gotten me?  I spend so much time trying to justify everyone’s actions  and except all the bad things that happen in my life.  I have uprooted my life so many time, trying to find some type of happiness, or at least contentment.  I have made excuses for every man that has slept with me, led me on and then painfully rejected me.  I have run, hiked, dieted, read self help books, done everything in my power to improve my mental state.  I have really made a go at becoming a better person, a loving, forgiving, caring person.  But now, now I am angry.


I find myself alone, rejected, hurt, still depressed and going no where with my life.  And now I am angry, really really angry.  I am resentful to every happy couple out there, because they have the one thing I truly want.  I think I borderline hate every man that I have ever trusted enough to open up to, sleep with and fall for.  As much as I try to let it all go, the minute another guy just completely disappears on me I feel that horrible feeling deep down.  That I was not good enough for them, that they didn’t care about me enough to have the courtesy to reject me, I don’t even get a text of rejection anymore.  How can multiple people treat me so terribly, hurt me so badly and still I’m the one to forgive them, justify their actions, convince myself that I wasn’t good enough for them and that is why they treated me that way.  It’s as if I think that if I stay mad at someone it will make me feel even worse.  But what is a worse feeling then telling a guy how you feel about him, having him cum inside you and then after months of dating just never contact you again.  It can’t get worse, so why can I just be angry instead?  Why can’t I just get pissed and move on, instead of forcing myself to get over the hurt and  go out of my way to find they best in them and forgive their actions.  


Beside a long history of male rejection and pain, I also have my stupid depressing that I constantly try to justify away.  In the past two months I have thought about killing myself more than any other thought.  I recently have really made an effort to “work” on my depression.  I started going to therapy, something I use to refuse adamantly, mostly due to the fact that most doctors would try to just put me on drugs.  So I finally got to such a low point that I agreed to start seeing someone.  They, of course had to do their due diligence and send me to a psychiatrist, who in return said that I should be on drugs.  I felt as though I owed it to my family and friends to at least try.  And then I went crazy, like really really crazy.  To the extent that I was to afraid to check myself into a hospital because I feared they would never let me out.  I just keep crying and shaking, telling both my parents, over the phone, that there was something really wrong with me.  I was going crazy and it was all because I was trying so hard to get better.  I was finally willing to commit to getting better and I just got worse.  I stopped taking the medication but the feelings are still there,  that no matter how hard I try it will never get better.  I’m so angry that I trusted people and loved people enough to go against my better judgment, and in turn I went crazy and almost killed myself…a few times.


So now I am just angry, so beyond angry that it hurts my stomach.  Little things that would never typically get to me bring me close to tears.  I have tried to remove all possible chances of more hurt and anger because I am so afraid of what will happen after 8 years of pushing it all down, deep inside of me.  I know what it feels like to go ligitamilty crazy and I don’t want to ever go back there,   Unfortunately anger is not something I am accustomed to dealing with.  I know how to forgive, accept, deny, love, empathise and understand, but I don’t know how to be angry.  I don’t know how to use anger in a productive manner, I feel like I would only use it to hurt as much as I’ve been hurt.  I don’t want to be angry but I don’t know that I can go on not being angry anymore either.



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About D.D.W

Life can be a little hard at times, I write about it to make it a little less painful.

2 responses to “Anger”

  1. perla.girl says :

    Sorry to hear about your feels, i can definitely relate to this. Especially the disappearing act – I hope things get better for you. xx

    • D.D.W says :

      Thanks for the comment! I’m so sorry that you can relate to the shitty disappearing act, it sucks that anyone has to deal with that. Thank you though for reaching out.

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