Gin and Whipped Cream

It’s not as if I do not realize on a regular bases that I am single. I know this constantly, in the evenings when I sit all alone and in the mornings when I wake up and have no one to tell about my dreams. I know it even more when I see couples together, even the unhappy couples who are fighting, they at least have someone to fight with. I know it ever time something goes wrong and I don’t have anyone to lean on. But tonight was one of those nights that not only did I know I was alone but I was pissed because of it.
I went on a long run, a really painful, difficult trail run that resulted in sore muscles and an unexplainable urge for Fresca. I don’t tend to drink soda unless it’s mixed with rum and I’m tying to stay awake at the bar. But tonight when I finished my 8 mile trail run I just wanted a Fresca and I decided that I would venture to the grocery store in my sweating running clothes and get a can of this soda that I never drink. I actually can not even recall that last time I drank one, I believe it was when I was younger and my father gave it to me to appease me. So I began my search in all the coolers that held individuals bottles and cans, after no avail I moved onto the soda aisle. There was every type of stupid soda, available in every size, 6 pack or 12 pack. But not Fresca, no that was only available in a 2 liter bottle and although it was super cheap it was a two liter bottle. What the hell would I do with all that soda? I would never be able to drink it all before it went flat and I would feel terrible wasting it. So as I stood there in the soda aisle I began to tear up. I was able to pull myself together long enough to leave the store without my drink of choice but I couldn’t help but feel completely pissed off that I had to no one to force the rest of the Fresca on.
When I got home, without a refreshing beverage I decided to turn to two of my favorite things to make me feel better, and also because I don’t really have anything else in my house. I poured some Bombay Safire over some ice and then took a can of whipped cream and sprayed it on the gin. This was my dinner. I don’t deny the fact that this was an extreme reaction to not being able to buy an individual sized soda, but I figured what the hell there is no one around to judge me anyway. So instead of sipping on a nice refreshing Fresca I am instead getting slightly drunk and very sugar high off my gin and whipped cream. If I’m gonna be fucking single I ‘m apparently gonna be half buzzed drinking things that I would never do in front of anyone. If I don’t find someone soon who the hell knows what I will start consuming next.


About D.D.W

Life can be a little hard at times, I write about it to make it a little less painful.

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